Cavendish Tobacco

10 Natural
A blend of aged American Burleys and imported flue-cured Virginias. Lightly topped with cognac to enhance flavor. Exceptionally smooth and mild.

11 Whiskey
Imported and domestic tobaccos blended in the European tradition. Flavored with whiskey for great taste and aroma.

12 Cherry
A blend of fine Cavendish tobaccos flavored with cherry. Full aromatic and full-bodied yet remarkably gentle. Guaranteed mild and no tongue bite.

13 Tropic
An exotic blend flavored with an exclusive essence of tropical fruit. A most unusual aroma and smoking quality.

14 Maple
All long cut tobaccos flavored with the finest pure maple available. Flavor is pressed in for full retention.

15 Base
A Virginia and Burley base with a molasses casing. Can be smoked by itself or as a blending component.

17 Vanilla & Honey
The vanilla and honey flavors in this blend are not too heavy, not too light. A perfectly balanced mix features a blend of Burley, Virginia, and Toasted Black Cavendish.

18 Mellow and Mild
A truly extraordinary blend. Vanilla and hazelnut are applied to the best Burley, Golden Cavendish, and Toasted Cavendish, resulting in pleasing taste and delightful aroma. Flavorful yet mild.