English Tobaccos

302 Light English
African, Turkish, and Virginia tobaccos with Latakia added wherein the Latakia does not overwhelm the blend. The smoothest Latakia blend ever to be presented to the pipe smoker. Great for those just discovering English mixtures.

310 Modern English
Burley and Virginia tobaccos with a touch of Latakia flavored to be delightfully refreshing.

311 English
A wide cut pure and natural English blend consisting of #1 Grade Lemon Virginia, Latakia, plus several top grades of Oriental and Turkish leaf. Medium strength with no additives, filler or top flavorings added, this tobacco is comparable to the finest imported English blends.

500 African Queen
An aromatic blend without Latakia consisting of Smyrna, Mozambique, and Virginia tobaccos that will appeal to pipe smokers of English and domestic styles alike.

502 Medium English
A traditional mixture of Red Virginia, Turkish, Burley, Latakia, and Perique. Medium strength and perfect introduction to English-style pipe smoking.

503 Heavy English
A hearty English blend combining Smyrna, Lemon Virginia, oriental grades and high in Latakia content. An excellent blend for the sophisticated pipe smoker.

504 Aromatic English
A mild aromatic blend with just enough Latakia to give satisfaction to the pipe smoker's taste, yet with a very pleasant aroma for those around him. Smooth and full-bodied.

510 Balkan I
A luxury blend containing a high percentage of four exotic Turkish grades, high Latakia content and the finest matured Virginia.

512 Balkan II
A richer smoking mixture than our Balkan #1. Uses the same choice tobaccos, only higher in percentage of Turkish grades and Latakia.

514 BOA (Rum)
A traditional pipe tobacco made from White Burleys, which are cut into cubes and lightly flavored to enhance the natural taste of this fine tobacco.

516 RVL-1 (Small cube)
A mixture of Bright Flake, Red Virginia, Kentucky Burley Cube Cut, Cypress Latakia, and Louisiana Perique, with an unusual zesty flavoring.

517 RVL-2
Based on Latakia, Burley, Virginia, and Turkish tobaccos enhanced and mellowed with essence of prune.

519 RP-51 (RUM)
Old time formula containing White Burley Cube flavored with New England Rum.

A traditional English-style blend similar in character to a Balkan. All the elements of a good English are present: Latakia, Turkish, Perique and Virginia.

English Vanilla
This is the perfect blend for those smokers wanting the deep taste of a traditional English blend and the smell of an aromatic. Blended with Virginia, Burley, Latakia, and Perique, this blend is perfect as a transitional smoke from aromatic to English.

A smorgasbord of leaf: Burley, Virginia, Flue Cured, Smyrna, and Latakia. Three flavors: vanilla, rum, and cinnamon further enhance this rather remarkable English-style blend.

An American "old school" favorite. An English-style mixture blended with domestic flair. Grade AAA Toasted Burley Cube provides cool smoking and even burn. Latakia and Perique add great flavor and aftertaste to this lightly aromatic, yet satisfying all day blend.

Another American classic in the English vein. Smooth, toasted Burley cubes blended with premium Grade Latakia and Lemon Virginia Flake. Cased with a uniquely mild rum top dressing for a subtle, pleasing flavor and room aroma.

RL-English Long Cut
Balanced and smooth, this is an English Mixture with subtle and sweet aromatic properties blending a ribbon Cavendish comprised of Lemon Virginias, AAA Burleys, and the best Latakias available. Genuine St. James Parish Perique and Fine Turkish grades insure great taste and satisfaction to the most discriminating English Smoker..

Dunhill Nightcap English Match
A rich blend for late in the day. Just prior to packing, an expensive Perique tobacco is added to enhance the bouquet of this slow, lasting smoke.

Dunhill Standard Match
A blend of Latakia, Orientals, East Carolina, and Georgian, all lightly toasted and slightly heavier in comparison to Dunhill's Standard Mixture Mild. This is a traditional English blend.

520 Dorset Blend
This favorite English blend contains spicy Latakias mixed with Perique, Turkish, rich Burleys, and golden Virginias. Perfect for the tobacco connoisseur.

523 Voodoo Queen
Even today, the legend of Marie Laveau extends beyond the grave. A belief in black magic is not a prerequisite for enjoying this unique blend of Virginia Flake, Latakia, and Louisiana Perique.

524 Lord Fairfax
Created for Virginia's 400th Anniversary, this unique English blend was named after an equally unique man, Lord Thomas Fairfax. He was the only British Peer ever to reside in Colonial America. This mixture offers seven fine tobaccos with just the right amount of Latakia for taste.

525 Byzantium
This is a blend with some symmetrical symbolism. Three legendary cities: Byzantium, Constantinople, and Istanbul. Three unique tobaccos: Latakia, Oriental, and Red Virginia.