Super Value Pipe Tobacco

All natural imported and domestic tobaccos. These blends are guaranteed to be extra mild without any bite. These creations were developed by master tobacco blenders using the traditional Cavendish method.

Enjoy these affordable tobaccos available in 14 flavors: Vanilla, Black Cavendish, Cherry, Natural, Black and Gold, Whiskey, Buttered Rum, Chocolate, Amaretto, Ultra Mild, Peach, Mellow, Bourbon Whiskey and English Mixture. Packed in either 12 oz bags or 1.5 oz pouches.

Super Value Black Cavendish
Top notch pouch aroma results in pleasant taste. Nice change of pace.

Super Value Buttered Rum
Delicious confectionary taste and aroma define this blend. Packs easily; lights well. A consistent experience is maintained throughout the smoke.

Super Value Cherry
It has the actual taste of Cherry. A pungent Cherry aroma is present, yet it is mild to smoke. The fantastic room note of this blend is sure to garner compliments.

Super Value Chocolate
Smokes bite free without leaving any dottle. A natural topping is the secret to the lasting room note.

Super Value Natural
This is an incredibly good blending tobacco. Good for toning down an overly sweet Aromatic or for doctoring English blends.

Super Value Ultra
You canít go wrong with mild smoking, pleasant tasting blend. It has an exceptional room note.

Super Value Vanilla Cavendish
This blend burns easily and leaves a nice lingering room note.

Super Value Whiskey
This superb blend burns well with a delicious taste and smell. It is sure to garner favorable compliments.

Super Value Black and Gold
This blend features a nice mix of light and dark tobaccos. It is mild and satisfying.

Super Value Amaretto
The taste of Amaretto liqueur punctuates this bite free tobacco. It is soothing mild and relaxing.

Super Value Peach
This incredbily mild smoking blend delivers real Peach flavor.

Super Value Mellow
This flavorful mixture is a delight to smoke, burning evenly and smoking cool.

Super Value Bourbon Whiskey
Super Value is known for great taste and at a great price. We add real Kentucky Bourbon to this blend of Cavendish and Burley to create a taste and aroma that is second to no other blend. Super Value Bourbon Whiskey is an easy-burning, cool smoke with the flavor of Kentucky Bourbon that is a great all day smoke.

Super Value English Mixture
English Mixture is the first Value priced tobacco blend to be made using real Latakia in this segment. The blend is made up using quality leaf tobacco and will smoke cool and dry. You will be surprised by the excellent taste from a tobacco that is a superb everyday smoke.

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