China Black Packaged Tobacco

We had to travel all the way to the Orient to find sun-ripened tobaccos that give the Three Star China Black Series its exotic aromas and delicate nuances of taste. Available in Vanilla Burley, Fire Cured, and Whiskey, China Black tobaccos are delightfully mild, with no bite. Blended for the most selective smokers, China Black captures all the romance of the Orient.

China Black Fire Cured
The Western world has held a fascination with the Orient since Marco Polo ventured to Cathay. The very name China Black says it all. A mixture of toasted Black Cavendish and Oriental highlighted with vanilla flavoring. A decidedly sweet aromatic pipe tobacco that is delightfully mild without a bite.

China Black Vanilla
We can thank the Spanish Conquistadors for introducing vanilla to the world's palate. The first written mention of Vanilla was in 1662, and in the three-plus centuries since, the world's love affair with Vanilla has not diminished. This all-time favorite is blended with #1 Grade American AAA Burley, Golden Cavendish, and Virginia tobaccos flavored with an exclusive vanilla extract.

China Black Whiskey
Bourbon Whiskey is distinctive and makes for our one-of-a-kind China Black Whiskey pipe blend. This blend of golden Cavendish, black Cavendish, and Oriental is sweetly aromatic and delightfully mild without a bite.

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