Classic Tobaccos

Mixture 79
Steeped in tradition for over 70 years, Mixture 79 remains one of the finest pipe tobaccos ever produced. A mild and aromatic blend of all Burley tobaccos, uniquely cased and cut in the traditional method. Discerning pipe smokers have made this a favorite for decades.

Mixture #79 Cherry
The traditional flavor of Mixture #79 is enhanced with Cherry and Brandy. The Cherry Brandy Flavor provides a dark sweet flavor similar to that of a raisin. The leaf content is primarily Burley with some added Flake.

Dutch Masters Whiskey
This Aged Cavendish smoking tobacco is laced with Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Dutch Masters Cavendish packs easily and burns well, down to a fine white ash. The component tobaccos come from Europe, Africa, North and South America.

Dutch Masters Cherry
Not unlike a masterpiece painted by Van Eyck or Rembrandt, this blend is distinctive. Toasted Black Cavendish forms the base for this blend with Bright Cavendish and Virginia added. A subtle Cherry flavor is applied for sweetness.

Edward G. Robinson

A mild aromatic with a light Burley nuttiness and flavored Black Cavendish taste. Fruity plum notes are given a slight flavor push from a hint of Latakia, and a very pleasing top note of liquor.

Heine's Blend
TA blend for the smoker who likes plug cut Burley. An enticing mixture of Burley, Virginia, and Carolina.

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