Vintage Tobacco

Vintage Natural
This mild Cavendish cut blend has great appeal for anyone with a fondness for traditional style tobacco. Its mildness and natural character makes it a terrific blender for toning down aggressive blends.

Vintage Vanilla
You can't go wrong with Vintage Vanilla. It is a classic standby when smoked by itself or when smoked as a blender. It enhances boring tobaccos when used as a blender.

Vintage Buttered Rum
Here are three good reasons to smoke Vintage Buttered Rum. The taste is great. The smell is great. The price is great.

Vintage Cherry
This blend is without doubt the best of inexpensive Cherry flavored tobaccos. In contrast, competing blends taste like cough syrup.

Vintage Black
This inexpensive over-the- counter tobacco is a great choice. The bag aroma is nice. It burns well. Although it is sweet, a true tobacco taste is present.

Vintage Black and Gold
This extremely mild tobacco makes a great all day smoke. You will realize why after smoking it. It is rich and satisfying. It burns slow without a bite.

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